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We are a pioneering Virtual Reality production studio that specialises in the coverage of weddings and live events.

In partnership with the multi-award-winning HumanEyes Technologies Ltd, we are extremely proud to be the very first commercial company in the world to produce a true VR wedding experience in full 3D (stereoscopic), 360º (panoramic), 4K format.

The result is simply breathtaking.

What We Do

Our well-trained, experienced camera crew travel the world shooting weddings, live events and documentaries in full 3D (stereoscopic), 360º panoramic, 4K format. All of the footage collected is then passed on to our post-production team where it is optimised for playback on virtual reality headsets.

Our finished product offers the viewer full control of their viewing experience with the ability to look in any direction. The service we provide is invaluable and simply must be seen to be believed.
Relive the moment as if you are there!

Why Choose Us

Our team consists solely of creative, forward thinking professionals. We are extremely passionate about what we do and are always open to new ideas that push the boundaries.
In addition to our main focus of weddings and live events, we have experience in working with corporate companies in creating commercial VR content. We are also able to produce VR documentaries which will prove to be among the most valuable uses for virtual reality. The transition into a new era of learning is well underway. The possibilities are endless.

We fully appreciate that not everyone has the available budget to take advantage of our extensive level of service. With this is mind, we will do our best to tailor a personalised package that captures the essential memories of your big day based on an investment that is affordable.